Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Denver Happy Hour @ Casselmans (26th/Walnut aka Market) Thursday September 24th 5:30p to 7:30p

The Co-Host for Septembers’ Denver Happy Hour is Dan Jahn, Entrepreneur several times over. I met Dan about a year ago @ my favorite Dumpling restaurant, Lao Wang (on Federal) and since then, he's invited me to several hip parties @ his professional photography studio... Always a cool theme with a live photo party happens to be a Studio 54 be sure to get on his VIP list.. the guys creative, loves to socialize, brilliant, need I say more... His photo space is located on 2nd/Kalamath and it's available for any professional photo shoots. See for more info.

This month we are meeting @ Casselmans (26th and Walnut aka Market)….They just opened a few months back. The venue is huge. They have live bands, dj's, great food, great deck, and best of all good deals for happy hour.
Casselmans (26th/Walnut aka Market) Thursday September 24th, 5:30p to 7:00p

2620 Walnut, Downtown Denver


Free Apps & Happy Hour Cocktails

Live Music

5:30pm to 7:30pm

Co-Hosts for the Night:

Dan Jahn – Dan is the owner of photospace, the premier workspace for professional photography in Denver, Colorado, and is an award-winning Denver based professional photographer & digital artist working nationally and internationally, offering creative, high quality digital photography as well as global photos printed on a variety of unique materials including silk, plexiglass, aluminum and canvas for commercial environments. Dan captures incredible details of any subject for all types of commercial photography, and the subtle details of the world and transfers them to large prints with stunning clarity and color for fine art. His work is currently seen in magazines, on websites, and in commercial buildings as well as fine homes. As a private pilot with access to a small plane, Dan is also available for shoots on location throughout Colorado/New Mexico/Wyoming/Kansas/Utah on very short notice. Dan also travels extensively with the travel business he own -- Sacred Travels -- much of it in remote areas in Asia, Eastern Europe, etc., and he is available for on-location shooting anywhere in the world. Born in Sri Lanka to Peace Corps parents, from that beginning Dan has lived in multiple countries and continues to travel and explore other cultures. He studied religion, culture and politics as an undergraduate and in graduate school both in the United States and in Europe, worked at The White House and has worked and taught in the field of visual communications for ten years before opening his own visual communications consultancy The Raven Group. 303.881.9293

Adam Ranes – Owner/General Manager, Casselmans, 303-818-4101

Casselmans: is more than just a downtown restaurant/'s a huge venue with 2 stages, home to several local bands.