Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Denver Happy Hour @ The 9th Door (1808 Blake), Wednesday August 26th, 5:30p to 7:30p

The Co-Host for Augusts’, is Steven Kingsford, founder of All About Denver. I met Steven back in my Oodles day. If you didn’t know, I took a break from IT in the 2000’s and worked in a really cool restaurant, Oodles (8 doors down from Sushi Den & now known as Black Pearl). To this day I bump into past clients and they refer to me as an Oodles Girl J Steven’s business, All About Denver ( focuses on Marketing & Sales for local restaurant, bars, charities. The events he promotes are top notch. If you are not on his list, you need to get on it…

This month we are meeting @ The 9th Door (1808 Blake)….Sorry for the delay this month. We were supposed to meet somewhere else but The 9th Door came though and everyone loves it so much..

The 9th Door
1808 Blake
Denver, CO 80202
Free Apps & Happy Hour Cocktails
5:30pm to 7:30pm

Co-Hosts for the Night:

Steven Kingsford
– Owner, All About Denver Marketing & Sales 303-918-9981

Bill Kennedy– Owner, The 9th Door 303.292.2229

~ The 9th Door the main menu focuses on classic Spanish Tapas creatively and zestfully infused with flavor and an ever changing list of delicious wines from the wineries of Spain and South America. The 9th Door can be found beneath a copper-covered awning in the heart of historic lower downtown Denver (LoDo). A large door on the front of the building is opened on warm days for patio seating. The design and ambiance of our lounge has been crafted to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation.
Why The 9th Door...
On Spain's Costa del Sol, located between Malaga and Marbella, sits a quiet little mountain village called Mijas.

During the summer of 1969, after having been made famous by James Michener's novel The Drifters, Mijas had become an expatriate community of writers and poets. On lazy afternoons, these expats would gather at their favorite bar - one without a name, recognizable only by the number nine that was carved into the door.

Behind the ninth door, they would imbibe on the local wine and brandy and share the tapas of the house, trading stories and reciting poetry to the local women until the early hours of the morning.