Friday, February 26, 2010

The Co-Host for the March Denver Happy Hour is Taras Kuzin, MedVacation a Medical Tourism Company. I met Taras when he first moved to Denver, through a mutual friend Keith VanderLeest… also, he comes to a lot of my events to support me..and he’s a smart guy that has a cool business. Think he was previously a Engineer and now owner of a business that can help a lot of people that love to travel.

This month we are meeting @ Whiskey Bar (2203 Larimer, Downtown)…Whiskey Bar is considered a favorite among some the Downtown Denverites. It’s a little Dive-like but has this comfy cozy feel going on… I’ve heard about it through friends..It was sometime in December around the holidays..I went to a fancy holiday party in Riverfront…got a bit sick…belly pains from eating too much food..drove to Buenes Aires to pickup some Empanadas for my neighbor..had to go to the ladies room..ran in to the wrong place for the ladies room…turned out to be the Whiskey Bar .. stuck around for a beer out of guilt and had a great evening…lol..there’s more to the story but I figure I would spare you of the details 

Please join us on Wednesday, March 10th .

Whiskey Bar (2203 Larimer, Downtown) Wednesday March 10th, 5:30p to 7:30p

Whiskey Bar

2203 Larimer, Downtown


Complimentary Appetizers

Happy Hour Specials

5:30pm to 7:30pm

Co-Hosts for the Night:

Taras Kuzin – CEO and Founder

Office: (720) 837-BEST (-2378)

Cell: (720) 289-6812

Skype: MedVacation



In 2008, on one of his trips to Costa Rica, Taras lost a tooth as a result of a surfing accident. While going through the experience of getting a dental implant and having an entrepreneurial mind, Taras began to think about "medical industry arbitrage," and decided to start a medical tourism company. MedVacation is a Denver-based premier medical tourism services provider that facilitates highest quality medical procedures at the best value for US-based patients. The company provides full service, door-to-door medical procedure-based trips for clients who wish to receive healthcare services comparable to U.S.-quality treatments for a fraction of the cost. MedVacation offers such medical procedures as plastic surgery, dental implants and zirconia crowns, addiction treatments, and infertility treatments.

+More about Whiskey Bar

THE BUZZ: A cool bar any way you spell it

By Dave Flomberg, Rocky Mountain News

Is it whiskey or is it whisky?

These are the kinds of things that keep me up at night. Well, that and the icy grip of fear I feel when I think about what happened to my IRA in the past year.

But thinking about the latter only drives me toward consuming the prior, so we're back where I started anyhow. Is it whiskey or is it whisky?

The answer to that question, near as I can tell, lies not in what it is you are drinking, but instead where you happen to be standing when you're drinking it. If you're standing in America or Ireland, you're drinking whiskey. If you're standing in Scotland, you're drinking whisky. If you're standing shackled, neck-deep in a tank full of sharks with laser beams on their heads, who cares how to spell it, and where's that plasma torch attachment for my watch!?!

If you're standing in an unassuming corner bar at the intersection of 22nd and Larimer streets, you're spelling it whiskey. Or at least, that's how the proprietors of the Whiskey Bar spell it, and considering their extensive collection of bottles of the stuff, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume they know what they're talking about.

With more than 100 choices on the wall, it's safe to say the odds on making a complete tour of them in one sitting are stacked against you. The collection is impressive, and because single malt scotch is a type of whiskey, there's no shortage on that front either. In fact, they're one of the few places in town to carry The Macallan 30, which rings up at $75 a glass.

Needless to say, that one remains a bit out of my price range (what!?! On a bar-writer's income?), but at $7, Macallan 12 is fine by me, served neat by Erin, the lovely bartender who also offered to spin the wheel for me. It took me a moment to realize it wasn't some newfangled street lingo as she gestured at the big wheel at the end of the bar.

"Spin it, you might win a free cocktail," she said. She gave it a whirl, and I came up empty-handed. Really no surprise, considering the last thing I won was $25 million in some United Kingdom lottery, and they never paid up. I even have an e-mail proving I won it!

The Whiskey Bar is far enough north of LoDo not to be beset with the throngs of weekend suburbanite kids, but close enough that the random amateur still stumbles through, like the girl who asked another bartender if he knew how to make a "wet fart." One I didn't know either, it's basically a milkshake of Bailey's, coconut liqueur, vodka and chocolate syrup.

Excuse me, miss . . . um, did you happen to see the name of the bar?

Still, from the two black-topped pool tables to the Jack Daniel's statue to the foosball table, the Whiskey Bar is most things a corner bar should be. Even if that corner bar is in LoDo.

Whiskey Bar

2203 Larimer St, 303-297-0303

* Happy hour: 4-7 p.m. daily, $3 you-call-it

* Daily specials: Monday night is Service Industry Night, featuring $2 Absolut and Jim Beam cocktails

* Spin the Wheel of Luck, win a cocktail or some liquor swag you'll re-gift at the office holiday gift exchange party.